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Created on 2009-04-12 14:41:26 (#46932), last updated 2017-04-23 (22 weeks ago)

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Community description:General discussion for the .hack series.

1.) This comm is for the entirety of Project .hack, .hack Conglomerate, and any other games, anime, manga, movies, novels, and other media that are set in the .hack universe.

2.) Fic, art, music, discussion, and speculation are all open, welcome, and encouraged.

3.) As for the above: please keep large images under a cut, and please make use of the members-only and adult content settings for anything NC-17.

4.) RP advertisements are also okay, whether they be panfandom or single fandom - but please don't spam the community with them. Also, all RP ads with images should go under a cut.

5.) Be courteous. :)

6.) Have fun!

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.hack//ai buster, .hack//g.u., .hack//g.u.+, .hack//infection, .hack//legend of the twilight, .hack//link, .hack//mutation, .hack//outbreak, .hack//quarantine, .hack//roots, .hack//sign, aura, corbenik, cubia, fidchell, gorre, innis, macha, magus, morganna, skeith, tarvos
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